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1. Is it truly free?
Yes. You will receive your Free Credit Score and Free Credit Report Instantly, and it is FREE!

2. Do I need to provide my credit card information?
Absolutely not! This is a free service.

3. Why did you choose to partner with Credit Karma?
Because Credit Karma is the premier destination for accessing and monitoring you credit health. They believe that understanding your credit is the first step in your financial future. That’s why they’re committed to bringing you completely free credit and financial information, including credit scores, full credit reports and credit monitoring.

4. What’s the difference between this credit score service vs. others?
This is a Free Service, the others lead you to believe it is free, but in most cases there are hidden fees after the initial trial period, which is evident in the fact that they ask for your credit card information when you sign up.

5. Will checking my credit score hurt my rating?
Checking your credit score through Credit Karma will not hurt you credit rating, more importantly it will help you learn more about your credit health, understand it and help you improve it.

6. What is your privacy policy?

7. How much can a good credit rating save me on a car financing or mortgage?
You can save a substantial amount of money by maintaining a good credit score and rating. The first thing to do is take control of your credit and sites like, with its affiliation with Credit Karma help you do that.

8. Once my credit report is updated, how long before my score is updated?
In general, creditors forward information like updated balances and newly opened accounts to the credit reporting agencies on a monthly basis. The first factor to consider is that not every lender reports to all three of the credit bureaus. Moreover, the day of the month that each creditor sends updates varies, so even if you paid off all of your credit cards on the same day, the new balances might not be reported simultaneously.

9. Can my credit score be affected by fraud?
Your Credit most certainly can be affected by fraud , fraud is very difficult to prevent, However, there are steps to take to fix your credit report and score and also stay on top of your credit, such as Credit Karma, they will alert you if there are any changes to your credit, which may provide you the time to stop the fraud before it gets out of hand.